Watch the video commemorating our tenth anniversary


Altria Corpo has just celebrated its tenth anniversary, and we wanted to show in a video what our values are and how we help companies to project the best possible image in the financial market and to obtain the most suitable solutions for their financing needs.

In the video, the CEO of Altria Corpo Albert Gumà reflects on the importance of choosing a financing advisor who knows the company in depth and at the same time the solutions offered by the financial sector, in order to be able to find the ideal instrument that meets the financial needs of each company.


Ramiro Lama, partner and head of financing at Altria Corpo, explains how in recent years the reduction of banking institutions has been combined with the increase of alternative financing solutions, expanding the possibilities for the company to open its liabilities to non-bank suppliers.


Antonio Llera, head of singular operations, and Jesús Llurba, consultant in the corporate area, describe the process of getting to know the client’s reality and the search for all possible solutions, in order to configure a tailor-made suit for each company. We also align ourselves with the client’s objectives, linking most of our fees to the achievement of this financial solution.


Eloi Noya, managing director, describes the wide variety of companies that can find in Altria Corpo their ideal partner in the search for financing for their needs. From companies expanding their markets or wishing to increase their production capacity, to companies that for various reasons cannot find the right answer to their projects in their usual banks.


Finally, one of the companies we have advised, Optral, through its CEO Joan Martín, tells us how Altria Corpo has helped to discover new financing channels for the company and its high level of satisfaction with the solutions found, which, as they say, the company could hardly have achieved on its own.


As Jesús Llurba ends by pointing out, “our greatest satisfaction is to make possible what our client, at the beginning, thought was impossible“.

Real estate sale and lease back (2)

In a previous post we presented the sale and lease back as an operation that provides liquidity to the company. In this article we will assess its undoubted advantages and also some of the disadvantages it may have.

Advantages of sale and leaseback

Let us remember that the company that carries out a sale and lease back with a property it owns obtains several advantages:

– It obtains immediate liquidity derived from the fact that it receives the price of the sale of the property. This liquidity can be used to reduce existing debt or to undertake new investments.

– You can continue to occupy the property, no longer as the owner but as a tenant, so you can continue your business without having to move.

– You will have the option to repossess the property if you exercise the purchase option.

– There can be a balance sheet improvement as a fixed asset is converted into cash, which can be beneficial to the perceived financial health of the business.

Disadvantages of sale and leaseback

In addition to these advantages, there are also some disadvantages to be considered in this type of transaction:

Long-term cost: although sale and leaseback provides immediate liquidity, it usually entails a higher long-term cost than maintaining ownership and financing the asset through other means.

Loss of ownership and inability to benefit from future appreciation of the asset.

– The lease resulting from sale and leaseback ties the company to a long-term contract, which may limit its operational and financial flexibility. If the company’s needs change, it may find itself tied to an asset that no longer fits its operations or strategies.

– The sale and leaseback process can incur significant transaction costs, including legal fees, valuation fees and other administrative expenses. These costs should be considered when calculating the net benefit of the transaction.


In the third and final article on sale and leaseback, we will discuss the details and operation of sale and leaseback transactions.