Financial Consulting

We stay side by side with our clients in the process of decision-making from a financial point of view. Financial planning, monitoring and budget control, part-time financial management, design and implementation of balance scorecard or banking pool management, are some of our services.


Manufacturer of flexible connections for water and gas, with worldwide activity.

Incorporation of methodology and processes in the Financial Area.

Preparation and monitoring of monthly reporting with international subsidiary.

Negotiation and attainment of structural adjustment of the main expenses, financial, rents, transportation and insurances.

The financial consulting services we offer are the following:

Financial diagnosis

Review and improvement of the current procedures in the Financial Area.

Analysis of the professional profiles of the area, its roles and functions.

Determination of the degree of reliability of financial data wtih management tools of the company

Study of the current banking pool and the possibilities of improving it, both from a point of view of products, conditions and financial providers.

With the diagnosis, we are ready to offer the most suitable services for the client with the best benefit-cost ratio.

Advice to improve business indicators

Together with the management team, we identify the main business indicators of the company.

We determine the goals, evaluation and follow-up periods, as well as the team or area on which rests the responsibility for their compliance.

We design controlling and monitoring systems that provide the necessary information to know the fulfilment of goals and therefore facilitate decision making.

Development of the economic-financial area

Economic-financial planning.

Implementation and supervision of Management Controlling models.

Financial analysis: profitability threshold, economic and financial ratios, analytical accounting.

Part-time financial management

Incorporation of a manager with experience in decision-making from finance, team leadership, negotiation with financial providers and management in highly complex scenarios.

Ensure the reliability and periodicity of financial information.

Coordination of the administrative department and monitoring of the different items of the income statement.

Planning, based on the business plan of the company, of financial needs in the short and medium term.

Banking pool management

Analysis and optimization of the current banking pool, either products or conditions. We offer the possibility of leading together with the management of the company, the negotiation with financial providers.

Balance scorecard of own production

Visual monitoring of the main variables of the annual budget.

Implementation from any ERP or management program.

Visualization and control of the main business indicators from any device.

Implementation and maintenance costs of the tool are much lower than those of the modules contemplated by the usual ERP providers.

Customized Balance Scorecard, with the possibility of reaching the maximum detail of the information contained in the company’s system.

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