We act according to the type and characteristics of each customer/project

Consolidated companies

Companies with liquidity and solvency dificulties

Growth and/or Internationalization

  • With over 2 years of activity: 2 fiscal years closed.
  • Annual turnover> EUR 5 million.
  • With equity and positive results.
  • Mimum financing needs of €500,000.
  • From consistent projects, we analyze, evaluate and propose, together with customers, different lines of action to solve specific problems in each case.
  • Companies in growth stage.
  • Companies in internationalization process.
  • With a realistic Business Plan or verified outcome.

Step by Step


Meeting with customers. Signing of a non disclosure agreement and mandate evaluation


Collection of company documentation.


Pre analysis of company’s economic and financial situation.


Operation Committee, in which we consider our contribution of value. Immediate notification of acceptance / rejection of the transaction to the customer. Signing of the mandate in case of acceptance.


Amount and selection of the most suitable product.


Determination of the most suitable financial provider.


Preparation of a blind analysis report of the operation.


Preparation of a complete analysis report.


Request for additional information and/or resolution of doubts.


Valuation Committee and confirmation of the analysis.

The approximate maximum period defined above is from 7 to 10 days.


Processing, monitoring and negotiation with financial supplier involved in the operation.


Upon approval of the transaction by the financial provider, monitoring and formalization of contracts.


Coordination of signing process and customer support for the relationship with the financial provider.

What we can provide

Interlocution. Through a single interlocutor, you have access to different financing market sources.

Wide network of financial providers, both traditional and alternative.

Financial and business analysis. Detailed Reporting and Memorandums based on the activity and economic reality of the company.

Negotiation capacity with the right speaker of each lender. Because this is what we do every day and we know about their concession and strategic policies at all times.

Innovative solutions. Prepare proposals after having tested market interest, with a proper structure in relation to the needs of the company, amount, collaterals, cost, etc.

Saving time and effort, because we know where we are going, when and how we have to act on every occasion.

Comprehensive service that generates long-term relationships.