Alternative Funding

Direct Lending

We collaborate with different national and international funds that can offer “tailor made” solutions through direct lending or mixed debt and equity transactions, more adaptable, less restrictive and with less limitations than traditional bank financing solutions, which can cover any financing operation whatever the situation – from any events of default to expansive and growth stages- diversifying financial sources and therefore reducing the risk of concentration, providing economic and legal advice. We can manage operations from €500 thousand in working capital and / or long-term funding.


We have a wide variety of solutions that fit to our customer needs. There are several modalities, National and international factoring, with recourse or without recourse, with promissory notes, invoices or a mix of both, with notification or non-notification, public or private factoring.

Crowdlending Funding

We can handle operations up to € 2M for companies that meet the defined risk criteria, to finance both current and non-current needs. Revolving annual loans or with a maximum term of 7 years with a financial cost adjusted to the credit quality of the applicant.

Renting and Rentaback

We have experience in special operations to finance the acquisition of all types of fix assets without the need to increase bank debt. Operations to obtain liquidity based on material assets, according to the date of acquisition and the net book value.

Leasing and Sale & Leaseback

An operation of sale & lease / rent back allows the company to obtain liquidity using its machines as collateral, leverage in the long term to obtain funds that can be used to finance working capital fund in growth companies, capex, or other singular operations. And with the guarantee that at the expiration of the payment term, the company recover the asset property is with a final payment.


We can offer different solutions of Guarantees, Deposits and Surety Insurance, to fulfil with the Public Administration or legal regulations, within the national and international scope.

Own vehicles

Funding through creation of own vehicles debt by raising funds from private investors (capital call). Excellent solution for long-term funding from an amount of €10 million.