Altria Corpo and Coordinadora Sinergia Social, a successful collaboration

Since 2014, AltriaCorpo has accumulated numerous success stories in its relationship with medium and large companies. One example is the fruitful relationship that has been established between Altria and the group of entities and foundations that make up the Coordinadora Sinergia Social, a reference in Catalonia for the so-called Third Sector of Social Action, which includes those private non-profit entities that work for social inclusion and cohesion.

The Coordinadora Sinergia Social offers to the entities that advice a whole series of specialized services of management, with criteria of quality and efficiency. The entities, from different legal forms and areas of specialisation, carry out the direct activities and execute their programmes, both in terms of attention to certain groups at risk of exclusion, as well as training and job creation. With its professional management, the Coordinator supports these entities to achieve technical and economic sustainability, and in turn allows them to focus on their field of experience: people care.

Among the wide range of management services that the Coordinator offers to entities (Human Resources, Labour Management, Accounting, Administration, Treasury, Billing, Communication, Information Technology) is also the financial function. It was also necessary to invest a lot of time and resources in this function since it was an obvious need and of great strategic importance, the constant search for resources to finance the investment projects of the different entities. For this reason, they saw that it could be very beneficial to collaborate with a specialist in financial intermediation such as AltriaCorpo.

Josep Maria Poblet, Consultant Corporate Division at Altria Corpo

In the words of the manager of the Coordinadora Sinergia Social, Domènec Domènech, “when we got to know Altria and the value it could bring us, we saw the process of outsourcing the search for financing as very logical. Not only has it prevented us from spending a lot of time talking and negotiating with banks for each investment project, but it has also allowed us to expand the number of financial providers, some of which were beyond our reach“.

Another aspect that Coordinadora Sinergia Social values about Altria is its knowledge of the whole spectrum of financing and, above all, knowing how to find the best solution for each need. The manager, Mr. Domènech, explains it this way:

“Sometimes companies, out of ignorance or because they do not find any other solution in the banks with which they work, obtain financing that does not fit their needs. For example, they finance long-term investments with working capital solutions. Altria makes a clear diagnosis of what the financial need is and finds the best way to cover it among the available financial providers“.

For AltriaCorpo, the relationship with Coordinadora Sinergia Social has also been very positive. Altria consultant Josep Maria Poblet, who is in charge of the relationship with the Coordinadora, adds the following point:

Altria was already a reference in financial consulting for medium and large companies, but the relationship with Coordinadora and its group has allowed us to understand much better the specific needs of the so-called Third Sector, which represents 4.6% of the total labor market in our country, and contributes 1.5% of GDP). Without a doubt, we have established a relationship that will continue to provide much to both parties”.