Altria achieved 56 million euros in financing for its clients in 2019

The financial consulting firm for companies continues its upward trajectory and is positioned as the reference in obtaining bank and alternative financing for the segment of medium and large companies

The financial consultancy firm Altria Corpo, which specialises in medium and large companies, obtained 56 million euros in financing for its clients in 2019, an increase of 10% over the previous year and a new record for the firm. The loyalty of the companies that repeatedly trust Altria as their partner in obtaining financing, as well as the increase in the client base thanks to the expansion of its number of managers and consultants, have made these results possible.

Among the relevant operations that Altria has advised on are a significant number of long-term loans, for amounts between 1 and 3 million euros, to undertake new investments in companies from the most varied sectors. The financial providers that have granted this type of operation are banks, public entities and direct lending funds. As Ramiro Lama, Altria’s partner and head of financing, points out, “in this type of operation, with a high amount and where it is more difficult for companies to obtain financing, is where Altria can give greater added value to the relationship with its customers. Altria’s knowledge of the financial needs of its clients and its ability to structure these needs among the diversity of alternatives that are emerging in the Spanish and international markets, are the reason why medium-sized companies find in Altria the right partner to seek financing”.

Altria’s current team in Barcelona

For Altria, 2019 has meant a significant investment with the incorporation of new professionals, the expansion of financial providers such as national and international funds, as well as the search for operational excellence and customer service. This lays the foundation for serving larger companies and continuing to offer our clients the best financing solutions for their needs.

One of the company’s milestones in 2019 is the opening of its Madrid office, which will certainly enable the number of clients and the volume of advice to continue to grow this year. Other lines of business that are gaining in importance are strategic and financial consultancy, through which Altria helps clients to improve their financial management and the economic profitability of the business; advisory services for the purchase and sale of companies and the obtaining of capital and new partners; and the intermediation of real estate operations (residential, commercial and industrial).

Altria is a firm founded in 2014 by Albert Gumà and based in Barcelona. Its clients are medium and large companies, to whom it offers its experience in all types of debt and equity financing, and access to more than 150 financial providers including banks, alternative financing, public financing, debt funds and other instruments. In its 6 years of existence, Altria Corpo has positioned itself as a reference in the search for financing for medium and large companies, with an accumulated amount of advice of more than 240 million and more than 400 operations. The scope of the companies advised covers the entire Spanish territory, with a concentration in Catalonia, which represents 80% of the total advised.