Talk by Eloi Noya at Acció: “From crowdfunding to tokenization”.

Our Managing Director, Eloi Noya, was invited by Acció – Agència per la Competitivitat de l’Empresa, the Catalan Government’s agency dedicated to promoting innovation and internationalization of Catalan companies, to give a presentation on the different alternative financing instruments available to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The presentation, entitled “From crowdfunding to tokenization”, took place on 26 April and was attended online by more than 200 companies who were able to learn first-hand about the many solutions that exist on the market and which Altria Corpo allows access to.

Among the most relevant instruments that Eloi Noya explained are some that are still largely unknown by the owners and financial directors of small and medium-sized companies, such as the following:

  • investment crowdfunding or equity crowdfunding, which allows capital to be raised for start-ups or companies that need equity to undertake strong growth.
  • private debt funds or direct lending for the medium-sized segment of companies that want to make investments with more flexible repayment financing adapted to expected cash flows.
  • balance sheet asset-backed financing, with imaginative solutions ranging from the use of existing fixed assets for a rent-back, to a loan secured by inventory, to the more familiar factoring or the use of customer receivables as collateral.

Eloi Noya used the last minutes of the presentation to explain the tokenization of assets, a new concept that, through digital assets, allows the ownership of assets such as real estate, art or shares to be fractioned, so that they can be used for the transmission of these assets in a blockchain environment, or to obtain financing and liquidity in a more agile, efficient way and without intermediaries.

You can see the whole speech in the following link (speech in Catalan):